While the Cookies Cool


Our sugar cookies are cooling.  It’s super fun to make cut out sugar cookies with two children and a toddler.  And by fun, I mean,… Read More +

He is a Lying Pervert; Why America May Never Be Great Again


It’s a big day. We, the people, are obsessed with figuring out what to do, who to blame and how we will move forward together… Read More +

Why I Trust God Today

Women in Bible Study

I should be working right now.  I have two keynotes, a personality training, three Bible classes to teach, a radio interview and serious preparations for… Read More +

4 Tips for Christian Parents with Public School Kids


Parenting is a tough job.  Throw in school, homework, sports activities, PTA meetings and extracurricular clubs and life can get wild!  It seems there are… Read More +

Politics, Resumes and the Third-Person Effect

third-person effect

Before I get into this post, I want to say sorry to people who used to read this blog. I have disappeared from blogging for… Read More +

Responding to Responses

Klinton will be on Periscope (@KlintonSilvey) today, 11/20, at NOON (CST) to address some of the criticisms of “What Christian Millennials ‘Don’t Get.’” Join in!… Read More +

Something Christian Millennials “Don’t get”


I should probably be working on one of my three term papers right now, but something is on my mind. Also, this one is just… Read More +

The Marriage of Faithfulness and Effectiveness

pastor search

Have you ever heard this line? “We are not called to be effective, we are called to be faithful.” I disagree. Faithfulness to God and… Read More +

The World’s Gone Nuts!


“The World’s Gone Nuts! A Seminar on How to Engage a Post-Christian America” will be hosted by First Baptist Church in Potosi, MO on Sunday,… Read More +