It has been just under a month, and I am still whirling from all of the SHINEtasticness that took place on March 11!  For all of you chicks who took time out of your busy schedules to join us, thank you.  We trust your day rocked as much as you do!

Over 400 teen girls and women, together in one place in small town America made for a pretty awesome event.  But, I’m not ready to call it “finished” just yet.  Yes, I know weeks have passed!  Last week, I met with our planning team, again, to discuss how we can continue to help young ladies make progress in their faith.  We started our follow-up process and it has been super exciting!

So, a couple of things.

1.  The date for SHINE 2018 will be announced SOON.   We want you to know early so you can plan well, get your girls fired up and be as involved as you’d like.

2. Inquiring minds what to know…ok, maybe just me…how is your SHINE?  Let’s review.  (if you missed the event, this will be new to you, but so worth the next two minutes of your life.  Consider these…)


What needs to go so that there is room for what needs to grow?

Since SHINE, I have made a decision myself to STOP making excuses.  I know there are some things in my business/ministry life I need to do differently, but I’ve gotten comfortable…too comfortable.  So, I’m moving ONWARD.


No matter what, Jesus must be first.  First.  Seated at the right hand of the throne of God, He holds the highest position of honor.  How exalted is He in your heart? Mind? Life?


How much Bible study time have you had this past week?  If we don’t make time to learn it, we will never know Him and never understand how to apply His wisdom to our life.  His words are LIFE to us.  LIFE.TO.US.


Feel like giving up?  Don’t.

Throughout the planning of SHINE, I clung to a verse that has so often pushed me to press on and I found it — once again — to be true:

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”  Galatians 6:9


Personally, as the Lord moves me forward in my calling to minister through speaking and teaching, I continue to be humbled by God’s goodness, grateful for His provision, awed by His faithfulness and in desperate need of His grace.

I just want to encourage each of you to take a moment to ask yourself if you are making progress?  Not just in life, but in your relationship with God.  Are you holding back or are you giving yourself fully to Him?  We only get one shot at this life.  Don’t waste it.

Shine on!