I was sixteen years old when I was first introduced to the topic of personalities. I remember thinking, “why hasn’t anyone told me this before now?!” I had no idea people were actually born with a personality that affected nearly every area of their life and that they actually could not help how they were wired. I just thought people should try to be more like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

After a few years to mature, I have realized how important it is to understand, accept and appreciate differences in people. It actually is possible to view differences as something other than flaws.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to present personalities to teens at the Missouri Community Betterment conference in Jefferson City. These youth are actively involved in their communities. Based on their feedback, they now have some insight and tools that will help them better understand themselves and manage key relationships in a more productive way.

Here is a brief description of each personality type, followed by the most crucial element; the emotional needs associated with each.

Popular Sanguine (Yellow) – This personality is fun. These loud and hyper active types are the life of any party. Full of ideas, stories and a desire to make things exciting, they bring life to their communities. As the world’s natural cheerleaders, they have the ability to persuade people through sheer charm and funnies. They live a very curious and spontaneous lifestyle. Warning: if always talking, the sanguine is probably not listening and because they always want to make people happy, the tend to get in over their heads. They have a hard time saying no and are not the best at follow through. Realize this personality needs fun and adventure.

Perfect Melancholy (Blue) – This personality is the complete opposite of the Sanguine. They are quiet, scheduled and extremely detail conscious. Their desire is to do things the right way and they have very high expectations. They are deep thinkers and great planners who follow the rules. Warning: because they want everything to be perfect, they can be very hard to please and may withdraw when things do not turn out right. Flexibility does not come easily for this personality and they may get lost in the details. Realize this personality needs order and understanding.

Powerful Choleric (Red) – The Powerful Choleric is exactly that…powerful. Never entering a room unnoticed, these movers and shakers will do whatever it takes to get the job done. They are natural leaders who are good at giving instruction and motivating people to action. These productive people are always in project mode. Warning: they may become too overpowering and are quick to acquire a reputation for being bossy, demanding and terrible listeners. Realize the powerful choleric needs action and excitement.

Peaceful Phlegmatic (Green) – The Peaceful Phlegmatic is the exact opposite of the Powerful Choleric. They are laid back, easy to get along with and great at making other people feel comfortable and like they belong. As the calm and steady support person, the phlegmatic is good at finding common ground and not overreacting to negative situations. Warning: Phlegmatics struggle with being disciplined and are indecisive. They may come across as too low-key or lazy and appear to be unenthusiastic about most things. Realize they need rest and some quiet time to recharge.

Now here is the key: Adjust your communication and behavior to meet the emotional needs tied to each personality and be amazed at the change in your relationships. Here are the emotional needs:

Sanguine: Attention from all
Affection (physical touch)
Approval of every deed
Acceptance โ€œas isโ€

Melancholy: Sensitivity to their feelings
Space to be alone
Silence (no people)

Choleric: Loyalty from the troops
Sense of Control
Appreciation for all their hard work

Phlegmatic: Peace and quiet
Feelings of Worth
Lack of Stress
Respect for who they are not what they do

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