King Hezekiah


5 Week Bible Study

Many have written about and studied the lives of King David, King Solomon and Queen Esther. Most churchgoers can tell you King David was called a man after God’s own heart despite his affair and conspiracy to cover his mistake with murder. Many can tell you King Solomon asked for wisdom, built the temple and had more wealth than we could fathom and that Queen Esther was chosen “for such a time as this” to save her people. However, few are as familiar with the account of an equally inspiring individual, King Hezekiah.

This five-week study will take you on a spiritual journey through history, examining the life of a young and bold King. You will be encouraged to open your Bible and look purposefully and intently for God. You will see how God uses His people to expand His kingdom and you will find hope. You will learn that no matter your background or your circumstances, God is able to turn things around. You will remember afresh that His love for your heart is compelling. You will discover there are no Biblical heroes comparable to the God of the Bible.

God is the hero of every story—including yours.

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Jaclyn is a fantastic teacher, so much excitement. Do not miss this study.

P. Warden

Jaclyn is an awesome speaker who is so easy to follow.  I love her LOVE for the Lord!

E. Pashia

A wonderful study that brings to the forefront just how God can use a faithful servant, Hezekiah first, then me.

P. Hochstatter

I have come away with a better understanding of what God wants of me and tools to help me.

L. Wilkinson