No. The Bible is not true because it is God’s Word.

Don’t. Panic. Keep. Reading.

Absolutely, the Bible is God’s Word, but that is not what makes the Bible true.

The Bible is true because it is true. Profound, I know. But please, hear me out.

You see, something that is true accurately reflects reality. This is how we know there are some things God cannot do. If someone told you that God said He has made a circle in the shape of a square, you can know without a doubt either that person is wrong, lying, has gotten his information from a bad source or has completely different definitions of what squares and circles are. Why? Because even if a deity was supposedly behind this phenomenon, the law of non-contradiction stands. A square and a circle cannot be the same thing at the same time in the same way. To say otherwise is literally nonsense. (There is no sense to it.)

It would be the same kind of nonsense to say God could lie. He, in His very nature and definition, would not be God if He did or could. If the Bible contained a lie or any “square-shaped circle” statements, we would have to say that it (or at least the specific book it is found in) is not of God.

The Bible contains no such untruths. The Bible is historical, and archaeology continues to prove it so. The Bible is prophetic and has been proven accurate in predicting future events. The Bible contains no contradictions — even if it appears so on the surface — that a little context cannot rationally explain.

The Bible is 66 books written across a 1,500-1,600 year time span by more than 40 authors, all of whom carried a single over-arching message consistent with all the others.

No contradictions. Nothing proven false.

There is no other comparable book. No other holy book is so diverse yet unified. No other book is so earthy and practical yet heavenly and transcendent.

The message and principles in the Bible accurately represent reality, regardless of whether a person claims it is of God or not. Look at how perfectly it describes the fall of humanity and the state of mankind! The great British journalist Malcom Muggeridge once said, “The depravity of man is the most empirically verifiable fact, even as it is the most intellectually resisted.” It’s obvious from history that humans have an evil nature, but people still want to deny it. Moses told us so 3,500 years ago! He was right then, and it is still true today.

You see, the principles of the Bible can stand the test of truth whether you think God inspired them or not. But the Bible is such an unlikely, impossible work that the only way its existence can be rationally, plausibly explained is that God was behind it!

Of course there are events in the Bible that haven’t been definitively proven, but overwhelming evidence makes it easy to have faith to trust God with the things I don’t understand.

The Bible is God’s Word. And while people can question or attack the idea that the Bible is inspired by God, they will always run into the problem that it is true. That’s how we can know it is from God and that some other holy books are not.

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of this series: “Using the Truth in Regular Conversation.”