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Ignored Sins Part 2: Gluttony

I have often heard that “gluttony” applies to over indulging in anything. There is no escaping that in Biblical terms, gluttony is, in fact, about food. If you were hoping for an escape, I would encourage you to do a word-search for all passages about gluttony. Nearly all of them address eating. While taking any legitimate pleasure to excess can be harmful, talking about non food-related gluttony is usually an excuse to ignore its most literal and plain definition. Regularly gorging ourselves on food, sometimes to the point that our cravings control us, is sin. It just is. It is time to accept that fact and work on repenting.

While a sin such as gossip might go ignored in practice, gluttony is generally ignored from the pulpit. I can’t recall ever hearing a sermon that addressed the subject at any length.

Pastors and congregants seem to have no problem declaring how illegitimate sex harms the body and soul. Alcohol, tobacco and psychogenic substances are fair game for attack. How is it then that it is perfectly acceptable to destroy the body from the inside out with multiple helpings at the Golden Corral? What’s worse is that how much one can eat in one sitting is often  considered something brag-worthy!

I guarantee you that there are many people who have been flabberghasted to hear an obese pastor who has no intention of changing his lifestyle preach against the dangers of even one glass of wine at dinner. This is the very definition of hypocrisy, and the world knows it — that is the worst reality of all.

Many churches and Christians are missing a huge opportunity to share the Christian worldview. 

In 2015, fitness is a very big deal. You cannot look at a news feed on Facebook without something diet or exercise-related showing up within a few seconds. The world has never been more concerned about diet and exercise, and rightfully so. If someone believes that this life is all there is, it makes sense that they would want to prolong that life and experience it to the fullest with a healthy body. How much more should we want the same, knowing that our bodies are meant to be living sacrifies to be used in the work of advancing the Kingdom?

You want to reach a big portion of the 35-and-under crowd? It’s never been easier to literally go and “meet people where they are.” There’s no need to debate whether or not it’s good to try to go witness at a bar or pub or parties. Just go the gym. You can show repentance, get healthy, be a Godly example and witness to a lost world all at the same time!

In a culture that sometimes wants to be healthy for health’s sake and other times for vain glory, we could and should have a testimony that we try to take care of our bodies because God gave them to us. We, of all people ought to be able to demonstrate self-control in all things. Nothing of this world, food included, should master us.

Gluttony is a major cultural problem in the conservative evangelical world. “Enjoying the good gifts of God” (such as food) has been perverted into “eat everything you possibly can at the potluck.” We are raised in it and therefore do not recognize it. Gluttony is the water in the pot that is slowly being raised to a boil and we’re the frogs.

To be honest, it will take nothing short of revival and a major cultural change within our churches for effective repentance to occur.

Pastors and lay-people, we put so much emphasis on taking care of the church building as if it were “God’s house.” Let’s put more effort into maintaining the actual temples of the living God.

Let Me Help You Get Organized and Save Money!

So, several years ago my husband and I read Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover.  Nathan had become a regular listener to Ramsey’s nationally recognized radio program.  Through our Total Money Makeover experience, we discovered emeals.  Emeals is a meal planning system that I found extremely helpful.  As of yesterday, I learned there is now a new emeals APP!  I was so excited, I must share!

A quick history…

While my hubby and I were not in financial disarray, we had the desire to launch our own business.  This meant big changes. We wanted to be successful entrepreneurs and knew enough to know that most entrepreneurs fail.  Starting with no personal debt is what has allowed us to continue growing our businesses without the fear and pressure that comes with trying to keep all balls in the air.  Financial freedom is…well…it’s freeing.

That said, as a young wife, I needed help managing our grocery budget.  I barely knew anything about cooking, much less grocery shopping effectively or organizing meal plans for the week.  However, my husband desperately wanted to continue eating.  So, I needed a plan and I needed to spend as little money as possible.

That has not changed.

Today, we have added two children to the mix, I have come to enjoy cooking —sometimes — and use emeals often to do the work for me.  I think I like it most because it makes this Choleric/Sanguine look organized, efficient and food savvy.   I quickly learned that meal planning was a huge part of maintaining a tight grocery bill and keeping us on track financially.

Here are my top 10 reasons for recommending this to you:

1) It is totally done for me.

2) I can choose how we want to eat.  We have been on a low fat diet for years now.  You can choose everything from organic to low-carb to classic meals.

3) I can choose my grocery store.  Emeals helps you find the right brands, actually available at your store, to cook a meal that tastes good but costs little.

4) I can choose how many people I want to feed.  With pre-school age children, we are still able to eat off a menu for two.

5) The recipes are easy!  I hate using fancy cookbooks.  I never know what they are talking about.  Emeals keeps it simple and easy to follow.

6) I can easily eliminate meals I know my family won’t eat or when I know I won’t be cooking every night.

7) The plan updates everything automatically and accordingly, so I really don’t have to think too hard.

8) Perhaps my favorite part: the grocery list is itemized by department at the grocery store.  This makes it easy to find what I need, fast.  Very helpful with two toddlers in tow!

9) The menu tells you what staples you should already have.  A quick mental check or physical check and I never get home and get mad because I forgot something for a recipe.  (You know how that can frustrate a cook!?)

10) And now…everything is on the app!  I no longer have to print the menu and carry those papers around the store.  Yippee!  This makes me happy.  I can check things off the list, add extra things I need to pick up, like bread and milk, and I can quickly eliminate things I know I have at home with the delicate touch of my index finger.

Yep.  I’m a fan.  I’m sure there are similar meal plan systems on the market that are also good. But, if you are like me and you don’t have time to research it out…here’s the only link you need.

Or, search your app store.

Here’s to simplifying life!




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